The Online Ticketing System That Helps Increase Your Revenue

We can help host your events seamlessly and increase your revenue with the most affordable and bespoke Event Management system available today!

A Complete Range of Event Management System

Create a seamless experience for your Live, in-person, and virtual events. Royex Events is a complete event management suite that caters to all kinds of events.

A Better Ticketing Experience...

The event ticketing system we built is backed and used by Government Entities and other popular MNCs in Dubai, KSA, and Qatar. Our features are focused on making the Operations easy and smooth with modules dedicated to analytics, operations, sales, and customers.

Royex Events is the perfect event management solution for all kinds of events.

We have worked with reputed organizations like Khalifa University, APAC, Ankabut, and many more.

What is Royex Events?

We Tick All The Boxes Required For An Event Ticketing And Management System

Royex Events is your one-stop event ticketing software for all types of events in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. It is an end-to-end platform for various types of events like single-day events, Multiple Day events, Multiple day events with Multiple agendas, Seat management, POS system, you name it, we have it. Moreover, we have customized pricing for your event needs. So that you have to pay according to your needs.

Custom Branding

Modern And Simple UI

Ideal For Single Or Multiple Events

Ideal For Single Or Multiple Events

Website, POS And Application Solutions

Live Statistics

Extensive Reporting

Discounts and Coupons

Dedicated Support


Organize Your Most Interactive Virtual Event Yet

Make use of our ticketing features and Connect with various Video Conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, Meets, etc. Your attendees will be able to join the event from any device. Our event management system guarantees higher show-ups and happy guests!

Host events of any size

Sell virtual tickets

Live analytics and data for your events

View Event cash flow and other details

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Putting You First

Feature-Rich Event Management System

From Adding venues, Agendas, Speakers, and Itineraries to custom dashboards and reports after each event, our event management system automates and simplifies the entire event planning process. Our End-to-End software has a robust list of features that will make your event planning smooth and easy with a powerful Admin Panel and the system can also be used for Onsite Ticket Sales with its POS module. From creating Events, adding Agendas, Ticket types, Venues, etc to Printing on-premise Receipts and Tickets, everything can be handled through this system. Our event management system will ensure you the best possible event in the Middle East, specifically in countries such as Dubai, KSA, and Qatar.

End-to-End Event Management System

Post-Event Survey

Create Event Sessions

Point of Sales

Create Unlimited Events

Powerful Dashboard

Event Customization

Live Polling

Ticket Printing

Invoice Printing

Managing Users

Create Session wise agendas

User Access Levels

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Online Ticketing

Online Ticketing System, wherein users can search for Events based on Various Categories and Filters and Purchase Tickets. Tickets can be of various types - as customized from the backend like VIP, Early Bird, Regular, Media, etc. Events can also be public or private events, wherein public events can be accessed by the customers from the portal and private events can be accessed only via a unique URL.

Custom Design per Event

Google Calendar API

QR/Barcode for tickets

Smart Attendance Confirmation

Secure Online Payment

Check-in and Check-out system

Direct Integration with the Event Management System

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Putting You First

About Apps

Customers will be able to book tickets and review their bookings via the mobile app. Users can get the Support they require on the Events or Payments can be escalated through the App. User-friendly UI and Easy booking options. Users can receive Push notification updates and reminders about the events. We have all the features to be the best event ticketing and management system in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Flutter Mobile Application

Everything about the Event is on the App

Registration through the app

Google Maps and Calendar Integrated

View Bookings and Tickets

Check Booking updates

Push Notifications

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Other Features

Featured Modules

Powerful Dashboard

Our system offers a powerful dashboard where admin users can see the details like total number of events, total tickets sold even with a graphical view with live data.

Custom Events

You can customize the events the way you want. You can set custom designs for each events, customize on the user level or event level. And can have multiple types of events like Public or Private Events

Extensive Reports

Reports are always an essential part of an event management solution and with Royex events you will have a numerous number of reports which you can ask for regarding the events, ticket, users, sales, for the current or previous events.

Multi Venue

Create multiple venues for an event and mention the details like City and pin the exact map for the location. Also you can download the reports in CSV.

Event Gallery

Upload the multiple photos for the events. You can also upload the videos along with the thumbnail image.

Multiple Ticket Category

You can create multiple ticket categories as Early, Pre, or Regular tickets and set the date and time for each category to start and end with the number of tickets. Also, the reports can be downloaded in CSV or PDF.

Print Ticket

Simply print the ticket by entering the serial number for the ticket. So customers can avoid the hassle of carrying the hard-printed tickets.

Easy check-in

With the easy check-in scan the QR code and provide access to the customers for your events.


Create multiple agendas for the event by just filling in the few required fields for Title, date, time, and venue of the event.

Sponsor management 

Sponsors are an inevitable part of an event. So we have a separate section for the sponsor management under different categories for the event.


POS is one of the major features where you can sell the tickets from the venue under each category by mentioning the number of tickets and collecting the payment as either cash or a Card. You can even print tickets from this.

Why Choose Us?

Transparent Pricing

Our Pricing is clear and transparent, fit for all use cases.

Bespoke Solution

Our Tailor-made event ticketing platform will help you customize and set up based on your requirements.

Quick Support

Dedicated Support team, anytime.

End To End Event Management

Our All-in-one solution includes Website, Mobile app, Event Management systems, POS, Scanner app etc.

Tried And Tested

Tested and Proven by leading government agencies for several years.

Ideal For Any Kind of Events

Be it a single event or multiple events - We have a solution for all.

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