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Company Hardware

Apart from a robust event management system, successful management of an event requires a set of hardware devices. These hardware components make managing the event effortless and hassle-free.

Our list of hardware components includes a POS machine, a ticket printer, a ticket scanner, and a band printer.

POS Machine

POS is one of the major features where you can sell the tickets from the venue under each category by mentioning the number of tickets and collecting the payment as either cash or a Card.

Ticket Printer

Simply print the ticket by entering the serial number for the ticket. So customers can avoid the hassle of carrying hard-printed tickets.

Ticket Scanner

With an easy check-in, scan the QR code using the ticket scanner and provide access to the event attendees.

Wristband Printer

Event wristbands are great for security, crowd control, age verification, and more. Our wristband printer will print useful information on the wristbands to make event management easier.

Putting You First

Cloud Hosting

When you purchase our Royex Events system, cloud hosting will be available by default. We use Amazon AWS to power our hosting service. All our packages includes this cloud hosting service.


SMS Gateway

We integrate SMS gateways to facilitate sending ticketing information via SMS. The gateway will vary from country to country. If you have an SMS gateway of your choice, we will help integrate that as well.

Putting You First

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a useful tool to send event marketing campaigns to all your event attendees at once. We will help set up email marketing campaigns that will inform/market the event to thousands of users at once. You can also use a third-party tool to do it yourself.


Social Media Marketing

We run social media campaigns for your event. Depending on the size of your event, we have different social media marketing campaigns. Contact us to know more about our social media marketing campaigns.