What Is An Online Event Management System & Why Do You Need One

By Anannya Sarker
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Event management gets exhausting & tedious if you don’t leverage the right technological tools to streamline the whole process. Event management software can help event organizers to manage their events in an efficient way. From booking tickets, managing guest lists, sending invitations, managing event budgets, confirming orders & payments, all these works can be done easily. If you want to look professional with a minimum spend of time then event management platforms are a one-stop solution.

According to research, 42% of the event organizers still don’t use event technology solutions or actually don’t know how to incorporate this solution for managing events.  It happens due to the lack of information on how we can be advantageous using this type of software solution.

So, in this article, we will discuss different aspects of an event management solution & how it will be beneficial for organizations.


Event Management Software & Features

Event management software is a necessary technological solution for any company or organization that hosts events for its employees or clients. The software helps with event planning, registration, management, marketing, and reporting. This software is designed for an easy ticketing system, event promotion & managing all the smallest event details so that you can focus on other important aspects of the event. With event management software, you can do more work with less effort.

Event management software is necessary because it provides a centralized place to manage all the information related to an event seamlessly. It also allows you to set up automated reminders so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything.

Have a look at some core features of event management software:

Event Promotional tools: Event management software allows organizers to market their events in a wider range with email marketing, social media channels & blog sites. Marketing tools vary from platform to platform but the basic feature is the same.

Event Registration: This admirable feature will enable your users to register their valuable seats online instead of going physically. Also, you can easily monitor how many attendees are going to attend your event. Depending on the software solution, for data integrity users will be given a unique registration code or id. This user database will be then used for event marketing & other on-site activities.

Check-in Tools: Digital check-ins of this event management system actually eliminate the paper-based system for attendees checking at the time of arrival. Organizers or staff can easily check all the registered tickets or codes through this piece of software.

Messaging Tools: Through event management software, you can do mass messaging & always keep connected with your user through notifications, alert messages, announcements & event news. Additionally, you can set calendars or reminders over multiple channels.

Integrations: An event management can't provide all the activities, so many platforms use integration tools to perform the additional functions such as CRM tools, task management systems & any tools that complement the task of the event organizer.

Analytics & Reports: While you are organizing an event, you need to take some data-driven solutions. Using these features, the admin can check the activities of the event like assessing attendance, monitoring event expenses & much more real-time analytics. 


6 Benefits Of Online Event Management Software

Management Becomes Easy

One of the key benefits of online event management software is easier management of the event's activities. This platform works as a centralized place for the organizer to keep an eye on the moving parts of the event & track them smoothly whenever they want. It is a one-stop solution for communicating with guests, taking bookings of the attendees, marketing or promotions of the event, calculating payments, monitoring analytics & reports & the list will go on. Moreover, this type of event management software connects everything to make your event successful.

It Saves Time

Preparing all the event tasks manually is too tiring, time-consuming & inefficient also.  Through this software, you can save valuable time by automating all the tasks. From follow-up emails to taking payments to booking tickets with a few tweaks, all your job will be done in no time. Event management software provides an integrated system that enables organizations to execute all the processes quickly & seamlessly.

It Is Cost-Effective

Event budgets are always challenging & even a basic event requires lots of time & resources. With an online event management tool you can cut down organizing costs conveniently as half of the work is automated. For promotional purposes, you don’t need the help of printing & postage. With the help of email marketing & social media marketing, you can reduce marketing expenses. Also for the other administrative work you don’t need to hire extra manpower as software is powerful enough to handle administrative tasks efficiently.

Payment Collection Is More Secure

As online event management tools integrate plenty of other third-party software, organizers don’t have to worry about collecting payments or donations. Event organizers can easily collect checks or online payments through safe & secure online payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, Google checkout & many more.

Promotions Get Easier Via Social Media

Online event management tools enable you to extend your reach over your guest list. You can easily incorporate social media handles into your event’s promotional plan with a simple click or simple share button. The social media share button on software lets you share any announcements, invitations, notifications, or reminders more effectively.

Show Real-Time Analytics

Having features like reporting, polling, survey, and event management software provide real-time analytics of the data. This helps organizers to assess the success ratio of the event, also getting feedback & reviews from the attendees will help you to improve the event even better for the next time.


How Can EvensPro Help You?

EvensPro is a feature-rich & leading Event ticketing and management system in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.  It will provide you with an extensive ticketing system through multiple ticket categories. Also, this online event management system enables you to organize events like single-day events, Multiple Day events, multiple-day events with multiple agendas, seat management, POS system & live statistics. Through powerful dashboards, the admin can seamlessly control the number of events with graphical views & live data analysis. One point is worth mentioning, you can customize pricing depending on your event needs.

If you are looking for a reliable, secure, and affordable online event management system, get EvensPro today!

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