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You can simplify your event management easily with the use of an event ticketing and management system. Royex Events is the solution to all your event management needs. It consists of a ticketing system and is an all-inclusive event management solution. Our event ticketing system enables planners to:


  • Set up discounts and add-ons, customize ticket categories, pricing, and capacity.
  • Create a brand-specific registration website.
  • Send invitation campaigns directly from the system
  • Create a registration questionnaire and email confirmation system that are specific to each ticket.
  • Control access to event materials using ticket tiers
  • For participant check-in and lead generation, create name badges with unique QR codes.
  • The option to choose seats when buying tickets for both individuals and groups.
  • A calendar view of your upcoming activities


It also bundles with an intuitive mobile event app that can boost your attendee engagement and networking. RoyexEvents has been widely adopted by conferences, conventions, symposiums, and summits.

Right Now Royex Events Is Helping Over 50,000+ Organizations

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Benefits of an Event Ticketing & Management System

An event ticketing and management will make your event management seamless and enable features that conventional ticketing cannot provide. Our ticketing system comes with a lot of benefits, that will take your event management to the next level increasing your ROI immensely. Here are the main benefits:

Customizable Registration Forms

Gather all the crucial information you require from your attendees as they register.

Inbuilt Ticketing System

Simple ticket sales and payment collection. Attendees receive automated mail with their tickets.

Multiple Ticket Types

Create multiple ticket types, including time-limited early bird tickets.

Event Ticketing & Management, Simplified
Why Choose Us?

Transparent Pricing

Our Pricing is clear and transparent, fit for all use cases.

Bespoke Solution

Our Tailor-made event ticketing platform will help you customize and set up based on your requirements.

Quick Support

Dedicated Support team, anytime.

End To End Event Management

Our All-in-one solution includes a Website, Mobile app, Event Management systems, POS, Scanner app, etc.

Tried And Tested

Tested and Proven by leading government agencies for several years.

Ideal For Any Kind of Events

Be it a single event or multiple events - We have a solution for all.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Royex Events?

Royex Events is an all-in-one online solution for various community segments. It can be used to organize events, fairs, and online training. It can also gather funds, applications, and fees for educational programs.

What Types of Features are Available with Royex Events Management System?

Royex Events management has 11 features - A powerful Dashboard, Custom Events, Extensive Reports, Multi Venue, Event Gallery, Multiple Ticket Categories, Print Ticket, Easy check-in, Agendas, Sponsor management, POS

For whom is the Royex Events Management System Suitable?

Royex Events management system is Suitable for event organizers planning events, meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, sporting events, and so on; NGOs, charitable organizations, and religious foundations seeking funds; and schools, universities, and other institutions looking to speed up their enrollment and fee collection processes.

Are Royex Event's Solutions Confined to a set Region?

No, Royex Events management solutions are not limited to any particular region because it is an online event management system, which means you can manage an event from anywhere in the world while based in the UK, or vice versa. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

What Types of Payment Options are Available with Royex Events?

Royex Events accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit card payments, debit card payments, online banking, cash cards, and mobile payments.

Can you Manage Multiple Events using Royex Events management system Solutions?

Yes, you can manage multiple events with the Royex Events management system. The system has been designed to manage single and multiple events efficiently. You can manage everything, whether it's conference management, an online ticketing system, or a Webinar Management solution to organize webinars.

Do I need to invest in any Special Equipment to use the Royex Events Management System?

Royex Events management system is a fully web-based solution. You can use this system without purchasing or installing any special hardware or software. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

How does Royex Event Management Software Increase my ROI?

Royex Events management system is a technologically advanced solution that ensures valuable resource time is not wasted on unnecessary tasks. Our event management system needs to prioritize minimum data entry and maximum analysis. With features such as 24-hour enrollment and payment collection, various payment methods, auto email, customized invoices, group registration, etc. event management as participation rises, thus rises ROI rises.

Why should I choose a Royex Events Management System?

There are numerous benefits to selecting a Royex Events Management System: One-stop solution: Each Royex Events Management System has been meticulously created to streamline your business operations and manage it entirely online. Features: Each solution has both standard and unique features. The custom features are especially created to handle issues unique to your industry vertical while the standard features are constant across all solutions. Go live immediately: Since you can put up an Event for booking "live" within a few hours of a briefing, this is extremely relevant to the event industry. Accessible Anywhere and at Any Time: By going online, you can boost all of your operations. Your applicants—registrants, donors, and students—will be able to submit their applications whenever it is most convenient for them, from any location in the world. Payment Method: An extensive selection of major credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, online payments, and a variety of location online banking options are all available through Royex Event Management System. As a result, as applicable, you can liberate your company from the limitations of geographic labels and reference points like the First World or the Third World. Safe & Secure: To secure you and your registrants, sponsors, and students, the Royex event management system has put in place a variety of security measures, including the highest level of SSL encryption, PCI Compliance DSS 1.1, VeriSign Secure Certification, Daily Hacker safe audit, and International Standard authentication protocols - Verified By Visa, MasterCard's Protected Code. Extras: You can increase the revenue from your website by using our event management system's extensive selection of specially designed commercial tools. As an illustration, consider the SMS Alerts Service, Email Invoice Payment Collection, and the MIS-enabled Comprehensive Transactions Reporting and Accounting Merchant Interface.

What does Royex Events Management System do for my Organization and Me?

"Enhances customer satisfaction "Increases productivity "Decreases no-shows "Decreases administrative costs "Increases team happiness " Attracts and keeps more clients "Increases sign-ups "Encourages referrals "Eliminates mailing costs "Decreases administrative time"

What are the Benefits of Customizing my Royex Events Account?

Anytime, Anywhere booking or registration: Our event Management system will help you to keep your business open 24x7. So your guests can register anytime from anywhere. Exhibitors or guests do not need to call or come in or visit representatives to enroll. They can book or enroll from anywhere through the internet. Online payment: Your guest or/and exhibitors will never face a situation where they cannot enroll because our system has suitable payment methods. With our event management system, your guest or exhibitors can pay the registration fee using any of our flexible payment options. Event Reminders: With our event management system, you can create unique reminder emails that can be sent automatically just days before the events. Additionally, you add necessary information that you believe is important for the event to run smoothly. Automated Registration form Filling: To make the registration process easier for guests who have already registered, turn on the auto form filling feature. With this functionality, the data for the guest or exhibitor will auto form filling feature once they have entered their email address and password. Registration Error/Incompleteness: If a guest or exhibitor doesn't finish the registration process you can send them an email. Instead of having your attendee start the registration process from scratch in the email, you can send him a link to complete it. Transferring directly to a mailing list You can pre-set a "Sold Out" message to appear once your enrollment limits have been reached using the simple features and functionalities of the Royex Events management system. Additionally, you can choose to display the "Wait List" option so that attendees can add their names to the list.